Monthly Queer Milongas

The Milonga is a social tango ball, where you can dance and also meet the other participants. It is neither a class, nor a practice.

Queer Milonga is a privileged space for LGBT people and all those who want to also dance outside the scheme where each couple is formed by a male who leads and a female who follows. Nevertheless, everyone is welcome to come and dance with whom they please, in the role they want.

Even though we challenge the gender codes, on other grounds the ball takes place as in any other molonga: we encourage the invitation by “mirada” and “cabeceo”, we expect the respect for the round circulation, and the musical set is divided in “tandas” of 3 or 4 pieces separated by “cortinas”, which allow to change partner without discomfort.

Come and join us for this moment of conviviality. Here are the next programmed dates:

There are no upcoming events at this time.