Festivalito 2019

Geneva Queer Tango Meeting #2
22-24 February 2019 

Salle Communale de Tannay, Route du Village 2, CH-1295 Tannay

Because last year we had a great time and shared lots of good vibes, here we come again with the 2nd edition of our Festivalito!

We want to have you dancing with us for two Night Milongas and an all-day Maratoncita (with Brunch)!

Check the program!

We will be delighted by shows of three wonderful couples of dancers:
*** Vincent Hodin and Rasmus Schæffer *** from Paris and Copenhagen
*** Isabel Costa and Nelson Pinto *** from Porto
*** Yana Khalilova and Victoria Geier *** from Berlin

We’ll be dancing to the music of four fantastic DJ’s…
*** Anne Fatout *** from Geneva
*** Philemon Hermans *** from Paris
*** Fabiano Borretti *** from Berlin
*** Miwa Elle *** from Geneva

… and of a magic Argentinian Guitar Duo
*** Pedro Ratto and Alejo de los Reyes ***

And to accompany all the music and dancing, a social agenda with our
*Warm-up on Friday,
*Fondue on Saturday lunchtime and
*Brunch on Sunday!



For your inscription management, send an email to katia.abbondanzieri@gmail.com or contact Katia Tangueradelcirco on FB Messenger.

*** PAYMENT ***

You can pay the participation fee of 60 Euros upon arrival at our registration desk. The fee includes all the dancing, some drinks and fingerfood at the night milongas, the Sunday brunch, and transport by bus from Tannay to Geneva at 2:15 am on Friday/Saturday night.

 *** Practical info ***


Geneva Airport is at 7 minutes by train from the Central Train station (called Gare Cornavin). People arriving by plane can take a free one-way welcome ticket for their first Geneva public transport trip next to the airport’s baggage claim section JUST BEFORE leaving through customs. You just need to push a single button (there is only one on the BLUE machine) to get this one-way welcome ticket.

If you plan to go to Tannay directly from the airport, additionally to the free ticket, buy a regular train ticket from Geneva Cornavin to Tannay on the SBB machines (6.60 CHF).

For those arriving directly at the Friday milonga or taking the plane back home on Sunday, the airport is connected directly by train in 35 minutes (ask us for more info if required).


We have arranged an exclusive bus service that will take you to downtown Geneva at the end of the evenings Friday and Saturday ending at 2am.

The bus will make three stops: Gare Routière de Genève, near Plainpalais (the old location), and Rond Point de Rive.

For those who prefer the train, the last one is at 00h49 from Tannay to Geneva.

There are more surprises coming up!
Check here regularly for updates, or follow the event on facebook:



For any other info about the event please see our contact info.

We are already looking forward to sharing this dance weekend with you, beginning from 7 pm Friday 22.02.2019

The Geneva Queer Tango Team

(updated on January 2nd 2019)

Old post from December 18th 2018

* New dance location !! Inscriptions reopened **

(Hernan called everywhere to find this beautiful location above)

As we were very sad to say No to more than 30 people who wanted to join us, due to the limited size of our rooms, we have been intensively searching for new venues for our event and we are very pleased to announce that we have managed to get a bigger room for our entire Queer Tango Meeting 2019.

All Milongas will take place at

“Salle communale de Tannay”, route du Village 2, 1295 Tannay,

reachable in 22 minutes by train from Geneva main train station Cornavin.

On the one hand, we deeply apologize for changing the location of the event, especially if you have chosen accommodation near the previous venues.
On the other hand, this change will allow us to provide a GREATER QUALITY OF EVENT for many reasons:
– the dance floor will be 3 times bigger on wooden parquet for all the Milongas,
– the amount of dancing hours on Friday and Saturday will be extended,
– there will be up to twice as many dancers,
– the place offers much more comfortable facilities for organisation and for serving food and drinks,
– the venue has a much better quality of sound system,
– the place is overall far more beautiful.

Please trust us that we’re making the greatest efforts to make you live a great experience joining us. We thank you for your understanding about this change.