The Milonga is a social tango ball, where you can dance and also meet the other participants. It is neither a class, nor a practice.

The Queer Milonga is a privileged space for LGBT people and all those who want to also dance outside the scheme where each couple is formed by a male who leads and a female who follows. Nevertheless, everyone is welcome to come and dance with whom they please, in the role they want.

Even though we challenge the gender codes, the evenings take a form as any other milonga: we encourage the invitation by “mirada” and “cabeceo”, we expect a respect for a good flow in the “ronda”, and the musical set is divided in “tandas” of 3 or 4 pieces separated by “cortinas”, which allow to change partner along that structure.

Come and join us for this moment of conviviality. The next dates will be published here:

  • 16 July 2024: End-of-year Milonga at Dialogai, from 9 pm.
  • 10 September 2024: Back-to-School Milonga with live music by the duo Brisa Videla & Ana Stamponi.